A park ranger’s life

I work as a park ranger in Colorado, and, during my career I have encountered many stressful situations. As an experienced ranger, I need to deal with all sorts of things from protecting the visitors to giving them interpretative talks related to the park’s surroundings. Protecting nature is, I believe, a much heavier task than just one cultural or historical monument. In a park, monuments of nature, plants and protected animal species are everywhere. As such, it is extremely difficult to handle all groups in a manner in which they don’t harm the environment.

From the beginning, I knew it was a challenging job, as the park in which I work is quite large.


Though you do your best to keep all things in order, there’s no God given day in which something doesn’t go wrong or some unpleasant event doesn’t take place. Mostly, you couldn’t find a responsible person for a negative deed, sometimes it is disinformation, and other times misplaced attention or even personnel’s mistakes. In such cases, you can only try your best the next day to improve things, to repair what was broken and find better solutions for the problems to come.


However, as the main damage caused to the plant and animal species in parks is due to tourists’ disinformation, I believe a smart idea would be creating a blog where everything related to natural reservations and commonly encountered issues, caused directly or indirectly by humans are thoroughly explained. Even the littlest of parks provides visitor with many indicators and guiding brochures, but these are simply not enough if you receive them the day you visit a certain place. Some of the visitors don’t even read these, even if they are of crucial importance to properly behave when you are in nature. Moreover, for a first time visitor, some indications may be hard to understand. However, if they read a text explaining in detail why certain rules need to be respected for this or that reason, people will be more inclined to give the necessary attention to guides and regulations that they need to obey in natural parks.


As such, I will try keeping people updated with the newest rules that apply to natural reservations and protected species, but also explain why some typical and normal behavior in other circumstances, can be strictly prohibited in such areas. In addition, I will focus my attention on explaining how activities such as camping, fishing or hunting must be done when you are in the perimeter of a protected area. Though general rules that apply to some activities in most parks exist, each and one of them has its particularities that must be kept in mind when you take a walk in that place. As I have some experience in Colorado parks, I’ll share my input with those interested in visiting this area and teach them how to behave according to nature’s unwritten laws.