Dangerous wildlife you can encounter in Colorado and how to stay safe

Many wildlife lovers tend to think that animals are completely harmless. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply when it comes to dangerous species that can affect the well-being and even health of people traveling through Colorado. Being a pet lover isn’t the same as having a pet bear or poisonous snake, particularly if you have no knowledge regarding the biology and ecosystem of these species.

Elks are cute and fluffy until the point they’re not anymore. For one, they’re on the large side, so there’s a low chance that you’ll come across a baby elf. If you do, you might want to stay away from it because its mother might be nearby looking for it. In spite of the fact that elks are not carnivorous, they can inflict severe damage on people, simply because some of them weigh as much as 500 pounds and are very powerful. The simplest way of avoiding a confrontation with an angry elk is to observe it from a distance.


Another dangerous Colorado animal is the mountain lion. Cougars are anything but friendly, and you should stay away from them particularly because they are carnivorous and are equipped with sharp teeth that can pierce through your skin. Wildlife mountain lions prey on deer, so why shouldn’t they do the same with humans if they are famished? Besides, much like many other species, they are known to protect their young. When faced with a mountain lion, our recommendation is to stand tall and call for help, although you needn’t show your fear as these animals can tell when you’ll risk becoming their next victim. There’s a very slim chance of you managing to scare off the creature all by yourself unless you have a gun or any other weapon that you can use against it.


The simplest and most efficient way of staying safe all the time is to use the services of a local guide. Regardless of the area you may be interested in exploring it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you aren’t from Colorado, you probably have little to no idea of the next danger that might come out from one bush or the other. Plus, running from these animals is never a good idea mostly because it’s very likely that they are faster and fitter than you. In spite of how many hours you might have spent at the gym, the fact of the matter is that a mountain lion can run as fast as sixty miles per hour, which obviously cannot be compared to the running abilities of any human.

If you are aware of the fact that the area you might want to explore may present some sort of danger, it might be a good idea to leave the kids at home. While I’m not a big fan of weapons, in general, perhaps you might benefit from carrying an army knife or any type of blunt instrument that you can utilize for self-defense.