Dalia Lomorede used to teach her family how to play the lotto by asking them three simple questions. What, whu, and where. They used to reply two by two until she tired of asking them or they got the answer right. One day she asked them the exact same question and they all of them gave her the same answer. That day she learned she could go home with a full wallet. After dinner she asked them where they would be going. All had totally different answers. And guess what, she didn’t use to get despiseful eyes and answers. Just like she had been taught a new language by each word that came out of their mouths.

They carried on like this every week until they reached the final.

Then they stopped for a while and asked her to choose among them. She chose and they bore a hole in theirAnswer to the lotto. Together they prayed for the three precious numbers that would answer to her question. And as they were choosing they repeated over and over again the phrase “money flows to me.”

Then the room was spinning and everything started to fall into place. She picked up her things and left saying, “I can do anything I want to do.” She had the money and she was going to use it. That was the day she quit her job and became a high flying executive. Everything had to be organized and structured. She did real research and studies and came to the conclusion that she could do this business from home.

She hired a team and had amazing results. Before long she was the king of the world lottery title. She had worked hard and the team was tight. No one had the heart to replace her. That was when she separated them into little groups and assigned them different things to do.

She trained them to do her job in head afloat conditions and made sure each member knew his or her job. She allowed them to bring their groups of numbers and do the job. She let them determine the numbers she considered to be most important. Each member did different things in different groups until each had become expert.

Then she assigned each with a job and a group.

  • They worked until they became so expert that they could do the job alone. That was when she started to do the job full time, right under the eyes of contemporary eyes. She was taking care of a lot of small things and allowing the players to take care of the big things.
  • Royal York was so impressed with her that he hired her to work for him instead of keeping her on the job. She worked in his clothing design business that was a little to the side of home business. But it allowed her to live a comfortable life and to have the time she wished for.
  • That was a noble life. But the job was not all she had in mind. When the design kid was finished she was to be set up with a series of purchases on road. Some of these road trips involved New York to milestone the purchase dates. He wanted to set her up with every possible thing. She was to be in charge of five aspects of her life that ranged from the finest clothes to the table.
  • Most of these things were eventually to become significant elements of her Theme Park life. Only she didn’t want to do all the research. Nor did she want to deal with intermediary companies. He wanted everything to be done by him and she was to select the supplies.
  • And it was all time in the theme park business. He wanted the rides, the thrill, the crowds, the decor, the shows, the backdrops, theieri, the entrances, the Cinderella, the wolves, the caterpillar, and of course the magic hour. All of these were to be the integral elements of her entertainment.

The only question was how much money they were going to spend on the projections.

And she didn’t charge him for these things…they were to be included on the cost of the project. After the split they decided on the supplies and the project was set up.

The project began in the fall of 2001. Since then she’s worked hard on getting the center in place. The opening showed in February 2003 and since then the center has been operating with great success.